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The Practice


At Harvey Counseling, your mental health and wellness are our greatest priority. We understand that your journey is unique to you and our goal is to assist you in whatever way we can to help you live your best life as you walk the path of acceptance, healing, and restoration.

About Us

Better Health Starts Here.

At Harvey Counseling, we are passionate about helping you - our client - lead a meaningful, happy life – which is why we focus on optimizing the core pillar of your health. 
As experts with specialties in mental health, sexuality, stress management, and personality-related issues, we work with you to understand your health journey and empower you with the support, education, and resources that can help you set clear and realistic expectations. Our goal is to position you on the path to holistic health so that you can heal and build positive personal and work relationships. 
We train our people to serve without judgment, lead without pressure, and act in your best interest. We are here when it matters, and we always go the long haul to give you a promising chance at a better life.

Our Values

Compassion and Understanding

We act from a place of empathy and work with the knowledge that our service goes a long way to provide help, stability, and the care that helps our clients manage their mental health issues more effectively.

Quality Care 

We are uncompromising in our standards when it comes to providing excellent professional care. We will always put in our best effort and resources to deliver a wholesome experience for every client.

Value for Life

We place immense value on life and continuously strive to pursue respectful relationships that can make our clients feel safe, valued, and acknowledged. 

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